Lanificio Paultex’ collection is rich in timeless fabrics, traditional structures mixed with fancy styles, classical looks with modern hand feel.
For us the ecological footprint is something important: Lanificio Paultex creates fabrics using natural fibers and/or sourced from recycled products, thus minimizing the use of chemical products and avoiding energy waste. Our mission is to make sustainable, pleasant to wear products.

Due to the excellence of our productive processes, certified by SGS after deep screening of our facilities as perfectly matching the European Union requirements, the Prato Chamber of Commerce has given high recognition to our engagement for environmental protection, granting to many of our products the right to use the brand Cardato Recycled. Lanificio Paultex is the first company to obtain the certification for the whole production chain: spinning, weaving and finishing.
2019 will see Lanificio Paultex widen its commitment to the environment, through the achievement of Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certification on our fabrics created from recycled raw materials.

Through the years Lanificio Paultex has traced its path researching new high – performance fabrics in cooperation with external designers. Recycled fibers are the basis of the collection: they are mixed with synthetic and artificial ones to create a contemporary look. We also give great importance to cooperation with our clients for the development of new designs and colours.