Paultex for the environment

Each year in Prato district 22 thousand tons of rags are recycled through the reprocessing process of carding. The yarns are made from recycled fabrics or production waste. The characteristic of this process is the use of short and not homogeneous fibers, which are mixed together to create different compositions.

A calculation, necessarily approximate, based on these 22.000 tons being compared with the virgin fiber equivalent, leads to estimated annual savings of:
– 60 million kilowatts of energy
– 500.000 cubic meters of water
– 650 tons of chemical auxiliaries
– 300 tons of dyes.

Moreover, it reduces the emission in the air of:
– 18,000 tons of carbon dioxide
– 1,000 ton of sulfur dioxide.

In 2016 Lanificio Paultex obtained by the European Union and the Prato Chamber of Commerce the certification “Cardato Recycled” on various products, all of them produced with yarn from recycled material.

All our “Cardato Recycled” products:
– are made with at least 65% of recycled material
– are made within Prato industrial district
– have a lower environmental impact, compared to products made with virgin fibers thanks to greater energy savings and reduced water consumption